On his BBC Andrew Marr  interview this morning (Sunday), Alastair Campbell paused significantly for breath and in order to constrain tears when asked about Tony Blair’s honesty. For The Evening Standard‘s Paul Waugh this was a repeat of Campbell’s C4 moment, when the latter stormed the studio shortly before the news and demanded to be allowed.. read more →

03 Feb 2010
February 3, 2010

On being banned by the MoD


Watching the largely pointless thing which is the Chilcott Inquiry, it’s hard to avoid, I recollect my own time defending the government line on Iraq when nervous ministers were unable to make it up the stairs of the studios. It’s a funny thing, well actually not that funny, that when ministers defend an unpopular policy,.. read more →

Was watching BBC Newsnight (may not have been on Newsnicht) last night and former ace Scots footballer Pat Nevin captured perfectly what I haven’t seen written anywhere about the John Terry business yet (but that’ll be my reading rather than rubbish sport journalism, most likely). Nevin (you might not remember him, but I do) was.. read more →