Read this BBC link.  It’s the BBC asking ostensibly African viewers whether homosexuals should face execution.  Except most of the respondees are from within the UK.  What’s happened here, I think, is that the BBC has attempted to tap into the Ugandan zeitgeist, if you will, and reflect the sort of discussions going on in Kampala.  But, if you think about it, the question invalidates the very purpose of the BBC Worldservice.  Is the BBC really there provide credibility to a vile discussion around a profoundly hideous and savage piece of legislation?  No, of course it’s not.  And would it have been predictable that most replies would come from within the UK – i.e. that the BBC is encouraging a discussion within the UK about whether or not homosexuals should be executed – yes, of course it would have been; the BBC knows who views the African pages.

I’ve rung the BBC Switchboard on 02087438000, and I hope you do too.  And if you Twitter or anything else, get it up there too and make the BBC take this disgrace down.