09 Nov 2009
November 9, 2009

Gordon Brown’s hand written letter


There’s something unusually unsavoury about the pursuit of Gordon Brown over his letter  to Guardsman Jamie Janes’ Mum, Jacqui.  A man of great moral strengths and some human weaknesses he’s the first to accept, he spends what must be an enormous amount of time over service casualties.  He feels the personal responsibility as deeply as any leader and no-one who’s spoken to him about it can reasonably doubt that. He writes personally, heartfelt, in what he knows is his own poor handwriting borne, as everyone knows, of poor eyesight, to every family affected. That’s a good thing, right?

Jacqui Janes has literally every right to say whatever she likes, expressing whatever emotions most of us can only imagine she feels, and her views deserve respect.  She’s special, and so are all like her.

But the rest of us aren’t.  The hounding of a man of manifestly good intent, the raising of handwriting over decent human concern, seems to me primarly about the wicked manipulation of decent people by thouroughly un-decent ones.  This is what it boils down to – “let’s exploit GB’s poor handwriting to insinuate that he doesn’t care; it’s isn’t true, but it serves our interests”.

I don’t blame the Sun or any other news agency, to tell you the truth.  It’s just the way it is – it’s ‘news’.  They’re professionals and they know what gets headlines, sales and advertisers.  But behind the papers, there are others.  And we know who they are, of course.

I think most decent folk will see this all for what it is.