25 Oct 2009
October 25, 2009

My New Office in Denny


Thanks to  all who’ve written over the last couple of years to suggest that I establish an office in the Western part of my Falkirk Constituency. While quite a few Scottish MPs have two offices (and one has three), I’ve always thought it would be too expensive to do this. My main office is in.. read more →

22 Oct 2009
October 22, 2009

A View of a Womb

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The BBC is running today with an interesting story about Womb transplants. Apparently, UK scientists have successfully transplanted the wombs of rabbits and think they’ve cracked how to do it for women. But wait, an expert from the British Fertility Society is being reported as noting that; ‘rabbits are different from women’.  It’s always important to.. read more →

08 Oct 2009
October 8, 2009

Cigarettes and Alcohol


Here in Falkirk, there are new (but floundering) alcohol laws which forbid filling stations from selling alcohol and make it unlawful for supermarkets to display helpful wine suggestions at the fish counter. Soon to come, apparently, we have minimum alhohol unit pricing. Across the UK, we deny smokers the right to have a fag with.. read more →

07 Oct 2009
October 7, 2009

General Richard Dannatt


I was asked to make comment on BBC Newsnight tonight on General Dannatt . However, I was told not so long ago, by  the most insightful person on the planet, that my appearing on telly is for me a ‘negative multiplier’.  I often seemed arrogant and even hateful. A tough judgement, but right.  So I thought.. read more →

06 Oct 2009
October 6, 2009

Afghanistan and General Dannatt


Former Army Chief, General Sir Richard Dannatt, is reported in today’s Sun as criticising the government over its level of commitment to the Afghanistan deployment. There’s no doubt at all that he was a very fine officer, yet ironically his words may have the opposite effect from the one he hopes to give us. On.. read more →

05 Oct 2009
October 5, 2009

DVLA’s Secret Service


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency lays out the steps you need to take to renew your Driving Licence. I remember doing this once, on the same day, some time back, by going to the DVLA HQ at Swansea. However when I tried to do this again more recently I discovered that there is no.. read more →