10 Oct 2017
October 10, 2017

The Herald’s Parody News


The Herald seems to have become a parody website but not told folk. Maybe the change of policy notices have just got stuck in the internet on the way up the M6? Maybe their new ‘comedy news’ is of the vein where comedy characters are a vague approximation of the real person portraying them? Here’s.. read more →

The Scottish Conservatives’ leader, in between inane tweets about the Tory conference, has put out a statement which regrets the violence being rained upon innocent Catalans by the Spanish government. It says the answer is; ‘dialogue and diplomacy’. Plenty of unionists, not all Tory and including Scotland in Union (oops…) have re-tweeted the statement, quite.. read more →

28 Sep 2017
September 28, 2017

Nick Robinson doesn’t have Wings


Nick Robinson has taken a pop at social media current affairs sites. At the top of his list is Wings Over Scotland. Wings, he says, is pro-independence, in testimony to its inability to provide valuable coverage and comment. But wait! Every newspaper in the UK which expresses a view, other than the Sunday Herald and.. read more →

Since various folk have ruled themselves out, it seems that Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard will contest the Scottish Labour leadership. Here’s a few thoughts based upon a little experience rather than any insider knowledge (at all!). Anas Sarwar seemed to me in parliament pretty much like he seems to everyone else now. He’s charming,.. read more →

Tomorrow morning (16th), renowned Scottish author Andrew O’Hagan will give a keynote speech at the Edinburgh Literary Festival in which he will change fundamentally his position on Scottish independence. Readers here will be able to follow this across the media. Andrew has kindly agreed to write what follows for Fromnotoyes.Scot and we publish this tonight.. read more →

I blogged about How the dead vote a few years ago. I’ve just Googled the subject and see that, for some reason, The Daily Telegraph paid a bloke to write essentially the same piece, quoting some professor or other, a few years later. In view of Stephen Gethin MP winning by 2 votes in North East Fife.. read more →

Here’s the leader of the largest party of opposition in Scotland in the uniform of a British Army Full Colonel. She’s celebrating an honour made public by the Army on Armed Services Day for maximum publicity. At a time when national security is at the apex of all our priorities, and is therefore the main.. read more →

My partner says The Kelpies are great and that I should lay off them. And I like to drive past them at night when they’re upllit at the side of the A9. And I don’t say we could have spent the money on hospital machines or something, because public art’s important. But in spite of.. read more →

Strange yet true that the Tories have given the UK a prime minister who lacks self-confidence to a politically crippling degree; one where she reflects perfectly the lack of confidence her colleagues and UK citizens have in her. Surreal, too, that the same ‘prime’ minister will inflict a personal humiliation upon the person at the.. read more →

For readers of this blog who don’t know, John McTernan is a well-known Labour political adviser. He goes on telly a lot. In my view, he’s clever and the kind of junior political obsessive every leader needs in his or her team. Just, for God’s sake, under someone else’s tight management. He’s just written an.. read more →

Today’s Sunday Herald (paywall) reported SNP MP Tommy Sheppard calling for two things. First, a delay in an independence referendum until we know the terms of Brexit. This was already widely believed to the Scottish government policy in any case. Yet Sheppard’s call seemed to pressage a debate not simply about when a referendum should.. read more →

A short note late this Friday evening. The UK has a prime minister who cannot cope with the job. The terrible truth is that she is running away from Grenfell Tower survivors because her advisers know that if she tries to talk to them in front of the cameras she will freeze up though fear.. read more →

Last month, this website reported that President Buhari of Nigeria was missing in London, presumed very ill or perhaps even no longer medically alive. We did this because we were provided with information by an inside source that the true condition of the president was being concealed in order to enable jockeying for position to.. read more →

Scottish journalist and writer Iain MacWhirter has, amongst other things, been writing and commenting for some time about way the Tories will use Brexit to centralise the UK, change the Scotland Act and impose more Westminster power on Scotland. You can Google his pieces at The Sunday Herald on the subject and here’s a good.. read more →

Just a quick rough-and-ready look at the figures, but there are obvious general trends with some clear inferences extending from them. There’ll be a more substantial, constituency-by-constituency analysis here in a few days, but for now here are a few points. If you’re reading the Sunday papers tomorrow, though, expect ‘SNP collapse’, ‘great Tory victory’.. read more →

One you’ve had a wee rest, Independence supporters should cheer themselves up by cutting through the media and party-political bullshit today. Two things will become clear. First, in spite of the media’s and unionist politicians’ insistent attempts to read across from the SNP’s result to the state of support for independence in Scotland, independence continues.. read more →

Whoever you’re voting for today, here’s a thought about party support and Scottish independence. The Scottish media are a bit shy about it all. The SNP has lost folk on the right to the Tories; that’s mainly why its vote share is down from 50% to around 43%. This has moved that party’s centre of.. read more →

Hot on the heels of Theresa May’s ‘western values’ theme, plenty of folk have been quick to bring out the old saw which runs that terrorism carried out by Muslims is motivated by a ‘perversion’ of Islam. That notion is tricker than it seems, and does not of itself seem likely likely to help reduce.. read more →